Cambodia Monoprints Cambodia Monoprints I tried to incorporate the freedom that I felt together with all that I had experienced: my encounters with the elephants, my stay in a monastery with the monks and my experience of meditation, the beauty of the orchids, the scenery with its mountains and waterfalls, the peacefulness of rafting down the rivers. I wanted to incorporate all this together with the finale of my travels, my time spent in Cambodia, Siem Reap and being so inspired at Angkor, touching on another world, another time. 199948665 I was blown away by the roots of the trees which are normally unseen and underground, completely exposed giantlike and growing over the temples as if they were claiming them. 199948829 I wanted to give the monoprint an energy and for it to flow and so I used a range of tools to apply the ink. I specifically chose the colours to represent different aspects, for example: the gold to represent the robes of the monks, the grey - the colour of the elephants, turquoise and blue for the sky and the sea, purple and yellow, the butterfly's and orchids etc. I incorporated figurative elements in these abstract works, but decided that the more I steered clear of the figurative, the more successful they were, as the more abstract ones were able to convey all of what I was trying to say, rather than just part of it. 199948827